Why was this page created

This page was started by me but I was inspired by many others, especially Marlen Vassil and Annike Laving. They don`t let me be bored and make me a better rider and trainer and for that I need to leave my comfortzone pretty often. I wish for this site and endevour, to not only be mine but ours, all who are intrested in learning. One person is way too few to do big things. The idea was to connect coaches,  trainers and all the other equestrians. We can share advice and even train together. My purpose would be to find trainers, who could help us with our horses aswell as help us as riders and people but also help us as a team with our horses. All discussions and advice are very welcome. If you´re a good trainer yourself then let´s get in contact, or if you are intrested in a certain topic I will do my best to find a specialist.
Ofcourse I, myself, am also a coach and you can invite me to come give you lessons. If I find that I can´t help you, I can help find someone who can.

A little bit of info about me

If you want to know who I am then this is for you.
I´m an ordinary person who has been obsessed with horses from a very young age. I was very lucky as a kid to ride at Nancy`s stable and from there to go and  groom for Marlen Vassil. When I was about 15 years old I got to already compete in championships with a horse called Zäz. He was a perfect horse for a hobbit like me. Small and easy to ride. He taught me alot. Later down the road Marlen started giving me her horses to ride and compete with. I was pretty sucessfull at shows, finishing as a rule in the top three but at times also in the bottom three. When Marlen moved to Italy, I started working with Annike Laving more. She has been a great friend and mentor. Thanks to her I started judging.
Right now I am a coach and a dressage judge. Since 2016 after having a child I haven´t been riding much but getting back in the saddle a lot more lately. I give group lessons a couple of times a week at Kreglen`s ridingschool. I give private lessons elsewhere in Harju county.

This website is my new project, to bring more training and knowledge to equestrians. If you wanr more information about me, ask away. I even have a CV.  

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