What is this horse riding simulator and why?

The horse simulator is almost like a real horse, but it is tireless, does not panic or hesitate, and is extremely intelligent and accurate – it only responds to correct aids and helps improve the rider’s balance and cognition.

Anyone who is interested can try riding a horse simulator. Maybe you have never ridden a horse and are even a little afraid? In this case, the simulator can offer you a safe experience and give you an idea of ​​what riding is all about. This can provide a good foundation to continue your journey with a real horse in the future.

If you are a beginner rider, the simulator will help you find and train your balance and teach you the right riding aids. The simulator can also be of great help to experienced riders and professionals, because you can get feedback on your ride and balance and thus refine your skills. It is also a very good helper for coaches. The simulator can also be helpful in recovering from injuries. Whatever the goal, this horse will give you clear feedback.

With this simulator, you can ride both off-road and focus on dressage exercises, you can do single jumps  and also jump on the course, and even experience  a cross-country course. Riding it is a whole body workout and a lot of fun. Although the simulator itself is not a real horse, it would help many horses. The more knowledgeable and better riders we are, the better companions we are to our four-legged friends.

You can book a 45-minute training session with the help of an instructor (trainer)who will translate the horse for you and teach you to ride it and help you with corrections.

For very small children, the simulator is suitable for training body coordination, as small legs may not reach over the edge of the saddle to press the sensors. The weight limit of the simulator rider is 100 kg

  • 45min 50 eur
  • 30min 35 eur
  • 10x card 460 eur, we formalize on the spot. Valid for one year after purchase.
  • 5xcard 235 eur, we formalize on the spot. Valid for 6 months after purchase.
  • Birthdays/sports parties/group training – contact us.

Payment is in cash or by transfer to Teadlik ratsanik OÜ settlement account. EE817700771008247877   write to the explanation the simulator and your name.

To make a booking, write an email or call

Email. simulaator@ratsutamine.com

Tel. Kersti +372 56619997 

In order to get the most out of the session, you should wear relatively tight-fitting clothing, both on the upper and lower body. If you don’t have riding clothes, put on comfortable rather stretchy pants. Sneakers or low-heeled boots. If you come in your riding boots, please clean them first. Metal objects on boots are prohibited (spurs, hooves or other excessive metal)!

Can wear sneakers

An example what mean low concn

You can also wear a helmet if you want, usually it can affect the way you hold your head to some extent. If you have more delicate skin on your hands, riding gloves are recommended, and if you dont have them, then gardening gloves are also available, which can be found in almost all stores.

From our side, we provide the necessary equipment such as a saddle, stirrups, bridles and, of course, an instructor. It is also not forbidden to invite your coach.

We also recommend bringing a camera to film and see for yourself how it looks compared to what it feels like in the saddle. We often have a different picture in our heads. Seeing yourself on film is very helpful to better understand what changes may be needed.

You can do two litter analyzes in the first training session. First you sit as usual. After that we will try to fix what needs correction and then we repeat the test if you want to. The goal is that after the session, you will have gained a better knowledge of your riding and what needs to be done at home so that you can be  better and more effective rider for your horse.

If you are a complete beginner or have never sat on a horse, we will help you get the first knowledge .

We are located in Paldiski street 135 in Veskimetsa ridingcenter


Develop your riding skills with the riding simulator!

The interactive riding simulator imitates a live horse and can perform movements from a walk to a piaffe. On the interactive screen, you can see in real time when your horse is trotting, galloping or even switching legs. The simulator is very useful for learning to ride, both for the student and the teacher. This allows the rider to learn faster. The more advanced riders to analyze themself

Top 5 Features of Horse Riding Simulator:

  1. Sensors under the saddle                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The sensors are located under the saddle and therefore under the rider. The screen shows a permanent distribution of your body weight. The rider’s balance and posture can be controlled, moving forward, backward and sideways with each step.
    The sessions are very beneficial for the rider and coach as they help improve sitting position, posture and balance. The test provides interactive feedback that allows for immediate correction. The printed feedback can be used to correct the session later on a real horse. 
  1. Movements of head and neck

Sensors are placed on the horse’s neck, head, and mouth, allowing the rider and trainer to see proper aids feel and neck/head flexion.

  1. Movement

The simulator  imitates the lateral movements of a real horse. The basic  are a walk, a trot, a canter from the right leg and a canter from the left leg. Also collected and extended movements. The screen in front of the rider increases the perception of the horse’s  movement.

  1. Forward aids

The sensors are located in three different places on each side of the horse side. They allow the rider to move the horse to a faster pace, ask to step aside, etc…

  1. Program

The interactive simulator and screen provide feedback on the rider movements and aids techniques, allowing the rider to immediately improve his riding. It is also possible to perform tests that can be seen on screen later as results

The simulator is the size of a real horse and its movements are very close to  of a real horse. When riding a dressage test, the rider sees himself riding the test on the screen, which increases the sense of reality. The same can be done in the obstacle course as well as on the cross country


Practice with the horse simulator and improve.

The simulator allows the rider to work with the whole body and weight. This teaches proper control and the use of leg pressure. The rider has to focus his whole body on using the correct control techniques and weight to make the simulator work like a real horse. It is possible to practice all gaits and elements of dressage plus jumping.

The tests can be ride repeatedly without tiring the simulator 🙂

The simulator can be used in different ways: Guided riding, free riding or balance test. In addition, you can also practice dressage test on the field or jump on the obstacle course or cross-country course

Guided riding is a good option, also for trainers. They can specifically adjust the rider’s body position on the back of the simulator, while the screen shows the rider’s mistakes.

The rider uses the same muscles as when riding a horse, and therefore muscle memory can learn body positions and aids without the rider having to focus on the horse itself.

The simulator offers huge learning opportunities for beginners, hobby riders and equestrians and trainers of all levels.

After the tests, you can improve yourself according to the feedback.

Of course, in addition to everything, training with him is very fun and exercises the whole body.